Disney+ Cruises Past 30 Million Downloads In Q4


By Jonathan Easton

According to a new report from mobile app store marketing firm Sensor Tower, Disney+ became the most downloaded app in the US for the quarter with a total of 31 million downloads across Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The launch is referred to by the report as ‘unprecedented’ and was more than double the total for the next closest app, TikTok.

Worldwide, Disney+ was the ninth most downloaded app in Q4 2019 in the App Store, with more downloads than Netflix and YouTube Music.

More impressive is the fact that Disney+ only launched on November 12, which is well into the measure period of October 1-December 31, and is currently only available in five markets.

Since 2014, no SVOD app has seen nearly as many US downloads as Disney+ did in November. The app had more than 12 times as many US downloads in November as HBO Now had for the launch of the final season of Game of Thrones in April 2019.

Unsurprisingly, the app failed to break into the top 20 in Europe, with Disney+ only being available in the Netherlands – a country with a population of only 17.18 million people.

In spite of this, the report found that Disney+ grossed more than US$50 million in its first 30 days, which was more than competitors like HBO Now and Showtime. In its second month of availability, the app earned more US revenue than HBO Now’s best month – which includes revenue spikes that were inspired by Game of Thrones.

The app grabbed 34 per cent of US SVOD downloads in Q4 2019, with Netflix and Youtube at 11 per cent each, while Amazon Prime Video was only at 7 per cent.

The service generated 16 per cent of total US SVOD revenues in Q4 through mobile app stores. Netflix mobile revenues consistently decreased through the year, though the report notes that the company has made a concerted effort to push new subscribers to subscribing online rather than through the app.

This report echoes a similar one from app download tracker Apptopia, which found Disney+ had been downloaded 22 million times in its first month.

Given its success so far in only five markets, it is safe to assume that the app will make a significant impact in the charts when it launches in major European countries on March 31. -

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