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Social Media As A Behemot


“Nigerians can testify to the power of social media. Nigerian governments at all times since social media gained traction here can attest to its verity as a threshing instrument in the hands of the people to unearth and expose the lies and lucre that sludge the wheel of governance. Whereas past governments had barely tolerated social media, the Buhari government wants it dead and buried. Lai Mohammed, the petulant spokesman for the Federal Government can’t stand it. The cabal with shadowy support from Buhari has lifted a banner against social media. They enjoy support and prop from some self-serving legislators in the National Assembly. Together, they are allied on an invidious and unpopular mission to ‘kill’ social media. But they will fail. You cannot unmake what you lack the capacity to make. Social media has come to stay. It cannot be washed and wished away by agents and apostles of fascism.”

-Ken Ugbechie, quoted in Social Media: My Man of the Year, Sunnews, December 29, 2019

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