Orange Rounds Off Sale Of Orange Niger To Zamani Com S.A.S.

By Cyber Era Staff

Following an agreement signed in August 2019 between Orange MEA S.A. and the minority shareholders of Orange Niger S.A., and greenlightingby the relevant authorities, Orange MEA S.A. has completed the sale of its entire 95.5 per cent stake in Orange Niger to Zamani Com S.A.S.

Zamani Com S.A.S. is wholly owned by Mohamed Rissa of Rimbo Invest and MoctarThiam of Greenline Communications, both minority shareholders of Orange Niger.

The company’s services will continue to be marketed under the Orange brand during a transition period.

The Africa and Middle East region remains a strategic priority for the Orange Group,but the market environment in Niger has led Orange to make this decision responsibly, prioritising business continuity for the benefit of the company’s customers and protecting the interests of the women and men working at Orange Niger.

Orange showed appreciation to the employees at Orange Niger for the work accomplished since the subsidiary’s creation and the teams who worked on the company takeover project.

The value of this transaction is shrouded in secrecy.

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