We Update Stakeholders On Telecoms Regulations – NCC

Stakeholders of the telecommunications industry who crave awareness on how the industry is regulated, have a dependable ally in umpire, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Cyber Era Online(www.cyberera.com.ng) has gathered.

Pursuant to this goal, the NCC has reiterated its delight in offering opportunity to stakeholders, especially students at all tiers of education, to visit and learn more about the Commission’s regulatory activities.

The Commission stated this during an educational visit/study tour late August to the Commission by students of the Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna State, who were taken through a mild process of learning about telecommunications and the various compartments of telecom regulation.

The students were received by a Senior Manager in the Department of Corporate Planning, Strategy and Risk Management, Chioma Ibe on behalf of the Director of the Department, Josephine Amuwa.

During such visits, presentations from different departments of the Commission are made and the students are encouraged to seek clarifications and ask questions on any areas of telecommunications regulations.

Accordingly, Ibe made a presentation to the students on the activities and achievements of the Commission while representatives from other departments in the Commission also made presentations to the visiting students to enlighten them on the activities of their respective departments.

She told the students that in line with Item 5 of the Commission’s 8-Point Agenda, namely facilitating strategic collaboration and partnership, the NCC has a policy of hosting students and institutions who come on educational visits, excursions and benchmarking of NCC operations. Thursdays have been set aside by the Commission to address concerns by students.

The students from the Kaduna Polytechnic were also taken on a tour to the Commission’s Museum, Cyber Room and the Library.

According to Ibe, “the Commission’s main objective of having in place this policy of welcoming these educational visits is to increase awareness of the visiting students about the activities of NCC, and to broaden students’ horizons through interactions with members of staff of the Commission to enable the students to understand more about the telecommunications industry.”

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