AT&T Aims Stellar Boost For FirstNet

AT&T teamed with Assured Wireless to develop new high-power devices for FirstNet users, a move it said will help extend the reach of its dedicated network for emergency service staff.

In the coming months, AT&T said FirstNet customers will gain access to 3GPP standards-based high-power user equipment (HPUE), which transmits stronger signals than traditional devices.

The operator said the new devices can “significantly increase” coverage in rural areas, and provide better connections from indoor locations in urban areas.

CEO of Assured Wireless, Tom Bilotta, said in a statement the devices will make it easier for first responders “to communicate no matter where their mission takes them”.

This isn’t the first time a US operator turned to HPUE to increase coverage: in 2016, Sprint unveiled plans to use the technology in a number of devices to help keep users connected to its 2.5GHz spectrum for longer before falling back to its 1.9GHz coverage.

AT&T revealed the news in an update on FirstNet progress. The operator stated the network is now 65 per cent complete, covering 650 markets and serving more than 750,000 connections, up from around 450,000 connections in March.-Mobile World Live

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